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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

- All purchases made have registered shipping, shipping numbers are sent via PayPal

- Tracking numbers can be tracked at the following links:

   Option 1:


- If there is any doubt about your package, you can request a photograph by mail or by sending us a message to our chat.

- All orders are sent by Correos de México.

Return & Exchange Policy

1. Before opening your package take a photo of the state of the package before any claim.

2. Iron Collapse is not responsible for damage or loss that occurs once the product has been shipped.

3. We are not responsible for products whose packaging arrives in poor condition.

4. To make a claim for damage to a garment you must send us an email with clear photographs that verify the status of the damage. Once we check the damage to the product we will send you an email with more detailed information.

5. Depending on the damage to the product, you will receive a refund of 10 to 50% of the cost of the product.

6. The monetary refund does not include the shipping costs.

7. If you want a change in your product send us an email and your problem will be discussed in detail.

8. Incorrect size: no returns or exchanges, check your measurements well in our size charts.

9.we are always ready to help you please just give us a moment if your mail is not answered quickly :).

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